Lash & Brows

Professional Brow Shape

Our eyebrows frame the contours of our face and eyes. Having an Eyebrow Tint and Professional Shape can give the results of an instant brow lift to compliment your face shape perfectly.  Here at Aruba we utilise threading, waxing and tweezing for optimum results.

Lash & Brows

Treatment Price
Professional Brow Shape£6.00
Professional Definition Brows£15.00
Brow Tint£7.00
Lash Tint£10.00
Express Individual Lashes £35.00
Cluster Lash Extensions£15.00
Individual Natural Look Lash Extensions£15-00
Strip Lashes£10.00
Lash lift (incl Tint)£30.00
Lash Perm£30.00

Eyebrows & Eyelash Tint 

Popular with both Male & Female Clients as a tint can be mixed to the most Natural of hair colours, Eye lash Tinting will widen and open your eyes to give a youthful appearance lasting between 4-6weeks. Excellent Treatment for people that wear Glasses, Swimmers, Sports people alike or even going on holidays as there is no need to wear Mascara every day.  

A patch test is required 24hrs prior to your first tinting. Please note, clients are advised that contact lenses must be removed prior to your appointment.




Lash Extensions

The choice is yours here, if you want to go Full, Natural, Just a little added extra,  or extremely Glam, we can offer you what you want, Individuals feel comfortable, virtually weightless and look and feel as if their your own or Strip, we carry so many lines in stock, we will apply Lashes that suit you & your wanted look


Cluster Lashes – are 2 or more extensionsgrouped and pre-bonded to create a fuller look

Express Lashes – are Single Lash Extensions with the look as natural as your own lash, added to create Natural lookig Length and Volume, designed to last 2-3weeks (provided the aftercare advice is followed correctly and your own Lash shedding cycle, if your lash naturally sheds then so will the extensions that it is applied too)

Strip Lashes – These Lashes are aligned on a strip and this is applied to your Lash line, these are a quick and easy way to achieve fuller looking Lashes designed to last 24hours, perfect for nights out, special occassions, we have a variety of choices and designs always oin stock for you to choose from, these can be added after your make-up if your party ready for your night out

It is important you come to your lash appointment without any eye make up on to ensure best results. Unfortunately if you come to your appointment wearing a lot of mascara we will not guarantee your lashes as the oils in normal mascara break down the glue and may not last as long as expected





Before and after Express Lashes

Before and after Express Lashes









LVL Lash Lift


The stunning alternative to eyelash extensions! LVL has been designed to enhance your Natural eyelashes by straightening them rather than curling to create the illusion of longer, thicker lashes. The treatment takes around 50 minutes depending on the length and quality of your natural lashes.

No adhesive or lash extensions used – No mascara needed – Lasts up to 6 weeks!!

Very low maintenance lash treatment

LVL Lash lift

LVL Lash lift

Your results are immediately visible…so throw away your mascara Ladies and we’ll have you fluttering them lashes in a flash


 Length, Volume and Lift – the lash lift Treatment will deliver everything you need for that wide-eyed luscious look…all in under 1 hour





Lash Perm

Yes Lashes are Permed up & Curled! for a curl that last 6-8weeks, works extremely well alongisde our popular Lash Tint

Lash Perm

Lash Perm








Definition Brows

A technique favoured by the elite of the fashion and celebrity sect, who are often distinguished by their crisp brow line, the popularity of Definition Brows has rocketed in recent years thanks to coverage in the media.  This popular Brow look is not achieved by any one, single procedure.  Despite taking its lead from the ancient art of threading, it is a combination of several different procedures to achieve the final result.


4576629036_510x208 (2)Salon Threading










Client Reviews

Mariah5 star Love having my eyebrows done they are the best xx

Nadine Ashley5 star Had Definition brows and amazing all round. Thanx.

Sarah G – 5 star Thank you Lee, Love my Brows as always, you’re a star