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Treatment Price
Nail Extensions with Colour£35-00
Nail repair each£3-00

*Please note we will NOT remove MMA Nail Extensions*

*Do not offer a soak off/removal service from other Nail Companies* 

We have a very high standard of hygeine with all salon equipment – we DO NOT USE MMA in our Nail Extensions 

What are the dangers and health risks associated with Budget Nail Salons that use MMA (Methyl Methacrylate)… We know its a long ‘ol read but Ladies these are your Beautiful Nails we are talking about here- Once they are badly damaged, sometimes this can be permanent, lets keep you Beautiful

There are several reasons to avoid MMA Monomer on your Nails, firstly MMA products are not even designed for Nails (still believed to be poisonous by the FDA since 1970) these can be identified by the extremely strong and strange odour, majority of salons using this MMA they will wear masks to protect themselves.  Now because it’s not meant for the Nails MMA product will not adhere well to your nartural Nail plate,  so the Nail Technician must ‘Shred’ (yes eek shred!!) the surface of your Nail plate to make it bond, using an extremely coarse grit file or drill, causing unnecessary Natural Nail plate thinning & weakening to your poor Natural Nail before they even start, which often feels sensitive, described as slightly painful or often like a burning sensation!! All this to make the enhancement adhere to your Nail plate, now that the MMA is embedded on it’s not going anywhere (which is why alot of users like them!) ohhh heck but if they take a knock or get caught your natural nail can be ripped off with it too, as now it is bonded togther so harshly. Traditional leading Nail products are designed to adhere to the natural nail plate without this need of over extreme filing

If jammed or caught the overly filed and thinned natural nail plate is much more likely to rip off the Nail bed with a MMA enhancement, this can obviously lead to permanent natural nail damage and possible subsequent bacterial infection, we’ve seen this and its really not attractive

MMA Enhancements are extremely difficult to remove due to the filing techniques used to make them adhere and because they do not dissolve easily in product removers, therefore MMA enhancements are usually pried away from your nail plate, creating further damage to the overly thinned now damaged nail plate   

Budget salons that use MMA will not admit they use it as many documentaries have under covered…

Look out for MMA key tell tale signs:

.Secrecy on Brands used – Bottles without branding labels

.strong unpleasant odour, often meaning nail techs wear masks to protect themselves

.Painful throbbing when having nails done due to over filing, often described as still painful the next day, Nail Enhancements should not hurt on application or the following days when applied by a qualified Nail tech using a reputable brand 

.Over filing of your natural Nail Plate to make the MMA product adhere

.Difficult to remove, product comes away almost like a chewing gum substance .Damaged natural nail condition leaving deep ridges and a thin nail plate