Man Brows


Mens eyebrow shaping is increasingly popular, today more and more men realise that attention to detail can make all the difference to the way they look and feel.  So if you do have bushier eyebrows than like or you want to say goodbye to your mono-brow look then a mens eyebrow appointment at Aruba is for you.

Mens Brows

Mens Eyebrow Shaping

We aim to make the experience as quick and as painless as possible, we know that the result has to be that the eyebrows look neat, and certainly not overly groomed (Unless overly groomed is the look you are after)

We use a strip wax combined with Threading & Tweezering to get a natural finish. You may find that we take a bit longer on your first visit, as we take things slowly. This way we get to know you and the look you’re after and we can take as long as we want to get the eyebrow shape just as you want it, and how we think will give you the most natural but neat look.



Depending on the natural texture of your brow hair, the treatment lasts for about 4 to 6 weeks before you need another appointment and when you do return your brow appointment will be quicker than your first visit, as we now know the look you are after.

Mens Eyebrow and Eyelash tinting

Man brow and Man lash tinting a straight forward treatment usually lasting 15 minutes.  A very subtle addition of colour to your eyebrows/eyelashes can make a big difference to how you look.  Now at Aruba such a popular treatment, colour last 4-6weeks and yes you can shower, swim etc & it all looks natural


Treatment Price
Mans Brow Shape£6.00
Mans Brow Tint£7.00
Mans Lash Tint£10.00



Client Reviews

JC – 5 star great brows

Simon  – 5 star 

Lewis – 5 star regular every 5weeks – recommend