Tight & Tone Treatment

▪️Tight & Tone Treatment ▪️ Arasys Inch Loss Toning Machine & RF (Radio Frequency)

Two intense body treatments in one session:

▪️Cellulite Reduction

▪️Weight loss

▪️Muscle toning

▪️Lymphatic drainage

▪️Increased circulation & metabolism

▪️Inch loss

Arasys Inch Loss Toning Machine & RF (Radio Frequency)

▪️How does it work?

We only work on the areas that you want to concentrate on. We put pads on those areas which send a current to the muscles to stimulate them & RF treatment toning & tightening the area, targeting cellulite

It works in the same way as exercise and you can actually see the muscles contract.



 Below is a guide of which parts of the body are classed as an area when choosing what you would like to be treated using the Tight & Tone Treatment

▪️Upper & lower Abdomen & flanks


▪️Back of legs & Bum

▪️Front of legs

Treatment £45.00 per area


▪️How often should I have the treatment?   Clients see and feel a difference after their very first treatment, it depends if you want longer lasting results, I would recommend a course of 6 

After your first visit you receive a discount card which is valid for 2months 

▪️How long is the treatment? 1hour

▪️is it Painful? Not at all