Your facial is specifically tailored to you.  Here at Aruba we have we sourced and use the most result driven products and brands, in 2002 creating our own Aruba skincare range, sophisticated technology and plant-based active ingredients to keep your skin in optimum condition

thCAQXO4DS“Yes we Jade Roller here!…Just a few minutes of massage is very anti-aging. We overuse the muscles in our face—whether we bite our teeth or stare at the computer for too long. The roller can break through the blockage.”



Treatment Price
Secret Lifting Facial£45.00
30mins Trial Facial £20.00
Hot Stone Facial£35.00
Teen Facial£30.00
Aruba Luxury Facial£30.00


Aruba Luxury Facial – Our signature facial a treat leaving your skin in optimum condition, includes a deep double cleanse, gentle skin exfoliaton, a mask matched to your skin type and relaxing massage technique to promote firmness and lifting, with luxurious eye treatment &  aroma arm massage whilst the facial mask goes to work.

Cotox – Cryo Cool Lift Treatment  fast & effective line reducing radiant glow skin treatment, recommended 24 – 48hrs before your event, the effects last 3/4 days with a one off Red Carpet treatment.    It works by shooting out a high-speed stream of carbon dioxide (CO2) at a freezing temperature at high pressure. The CO2 is mixed with atomised actives which encourage microcirculation. Your blood vessels contract and expand in response to this stimulus, and your body’s natural healing systems create more collagen and elastin. These begin to naturally recover your skin’s lustre and tautness –quickly, efficiently and safely.

You start to notice the difference after your first session with the Cotox Cool Lift. Your skin is visibly more radiant. When you have six regular Cotox treatments, the result can leave skin looking ten years younger. The procedure is painless, and you do not need special care afterwards. It is easy to see why The Cotox Cool lift technology is becoming one of the leading non-invasive techniques to lift your skin

How many Treatments are needed? After just one treatment you will notice the radiance & plump skin appearance 


.No special aftercare 

.allow the serum to absorb into your skin

.Do not apply make up for up to 2hours after treatment 

Can I prolong results? Yes with a minimum of 6 treatments over 4weeks

How often could I have Cotox? You can have the treatment every 3/4 days

Is it suitable for all skin types? Yes most definitely 


Cost of Cotox Cool lift Treatment

  • Each treatment session costs: £45.00


Secret Lifting Facial A must for all facial connoisseurs.  Immediately it will invigorate the skin: signs of fatigue are erased, the skin tissues are lifted and the face is left looking radiant

Hot Stone Facial Recommended for those who want to de-stress. Whilst receiving a mini facial, the deep cleansing of the skin hydrates & adds radiance to your complexion by eliminating dead skin cells. Skin is revitalised whilst your body & mind has a feeling of wellbeing & total relaxation after Hot Stones are applied and used during massage of the face and shoulders to relieving stress & strains of everyday life in this 30 minute experience.

13-19Teen Facial This deep cleansing facial is the perfect introduction to skin care especially designed for our Teen clientele,  Skin deep cleansing treatment for congested and blocked pores, perfect for Teens that are now wearing Make-up and need that deep thorough cleanse and homecare advice on how to look after their skin day in day out