Slimming Treatments

Treatment Price
Fat Freezing (per area)£70.00
Tight & Tone£45.00
Slimming Wrap£45.00
Fitness Plate 1 x month £20.00

Fat Freezing is a non-invasive way to deal with fat – now a popular alternative to surgical interventions such as liposuction, not even an injection involved, It can help you to drop a dress size or more and help you work on your perfect body, this is targeted at stubborn extra fat that you cannot shift when your in your near to goal weight 

This painless treatment stimulates the body’s natural defences to convert your fat cells into liquid, where it can naturally move outwards and be absorbed by the lymphatic system. This reduces the size of fat cells and also tightens the surrounding areas of skin, helping to reducethe appearance of cellulite and stretch marks.

Fat freezing (Cryolipolysis) designed to remove the unwanted fat in the targeted area for good, the stubborn area is where you have tried exercise & healthy eating – but simply struggling to shift the unwanted weight from

This treatment is suitable for both men and women

The following areas can be treated 

Once frozen, up to 40% of these fat cells crystallised, shatter and die, the dead cells are naturally processed and eliminated from the body.

We ask you to continue a healthy lifestyle, keep active and continue to drink lots of water after your treatment to flush fat cells out (they have to exit the body)

Once the treated fat cells are gone, they’re gone for good! 

FDA approved – Millions of procedures are performed each year, proven to be both safe and very effective

Below is a guide of which parts of the body are classed as an area when choosing what you would like to be treated using the Fat Freezing Machine

  • Upper or Lower Abdomen – 1 Area
  • Upper & Lower Abdomen – 2 Areas
  • Hips – 2 Areas
  • Flanks or Love Handles – 2 Areas
  • Inner or outer Thighs – 2 Areas
  • Bra or Back Rolls – 2 Areas
  • Upper Arms – 2 Areas
  • Lower Abdomen & Hips – 3 Areas
  • Lower Abdomen & Flanks – 3 Areas
  • Inner & outer Thighs – 4 Areas
  • Upper & Lower Abdomen, outer thighs – 4 Areas
  • Upper & Lower Abdomen, Inner & Outer Thighs – 6 Areas

Benefits to Clients: 

◽Results: Shown within 6-8 weeks

◽Pain Free


◽Often only one treatment is needed

£70 Per Area

Tight & Tone Treatment 

Arasys Inch Loss Toning Machine & RF (Radio Frequency)

Two intense body treatments in one session:

▪️Cellulite Reduction

▪️Weight loss

▪️Muscle toning

▪️Lymphatic drainage

▪️Increased circulation & metabolism

▪️Inch loss 

Working in the same way as exercise and you can actually see the muscles contract as you lay there

Below is a guide of which parts of the body are classed as an area when choosing what you would like to be treated during your Tight & Tone session 

▪️Upper & lower Abdomen & flanks

▪️Arms both

▪️Back of legs & Bum

▪️Front of legs

▪️How often should I have the treatment?    Clients see and feel a difference after their very first treatment, it depends if you want longer lasting results, we would recommend twice a week to see real change in your body shape 

Treatment Price – £45 per area

 Vibration Plate


Vibration plates create a powerful, pulsating vibration. Standing on a vibration plate with your knees slightly bent will trigger your reflex muscles in your legs and abdomen to subtly contract up to 50 times per second!!  Now to allow you to keep your balance this will strengthen and tone muscles and will also target fat as its energy source wherever the vibration are applied to the body. All this makes vibration training extremely popular with people who want to tone up and lose weight

£20 unlimited per month

£3 per session

Wear your everyday clothes, no Tracksuit or Trainers needed, many of our clients call in their Lunch hour or after work for a 10minute shake out

Body Wrap – Quickfix Treatment 

Please Note… not suitable if you have a nut or soya allergy

Our Slimming Wrap Treatment is totally pain free and no mess

You’re relaxing in your Swimwear or underwear, cocooned in a wrap –  just lay there & enjoy it going to work or why not add a facial  

After 60 relaxing mins you will be unwrapped, and re-measured again in the same places to reveal your total body inch loss.

This is a completely mess free but quick fix treatment as there’s a lot of water loss, you do need to continue drinking lots of water at home the next 24hours to continue to flush out toxins and eat healthy, leaving the product on your body for the evening so it can continue working

This amazing product continues to work for up to 72 hours and it is preferable not to wash it off or shower until the next day if possible 


** For any of our Slimming treatments you would need to follow a healthy diet & aftercare advice**