Get Gorgeous…Your Tan is probably your most important beauty accessory, making you look & feel fantastic, whatever the weather, whatever you wear!

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So it makes sense to chose a gorgeous spraytan giving you a hot bronzed look, that will look stunning with every outfit!   

‘Our 2hour Tan’ is the revolutionary new, express spray tan solution that develops into a gorgeous, natural-looking tan in just two hours!! 

Yeah amazing right… This solution is recommended for any last minute invites that you can’t resist saying ‘yes’ too…we always keep this one high in stock, so if you’re all last minute, give us a call and we’ll have you Tanned ready to rock in minutes…Now that your tan is taken care of, you have loads more time to plan your outfit!



Spraytan – £15 

‘TAN THURSDAY Offer’ – £10



. Wax 48hrs or shave 24hrs before your appointment   

.Exfoliate 24 hours before your appointment, paying extra attention to elbows, knees, heels, ankles & all areas where there is any dry skin                                                      

.Do not to moisturise before your appointment (this can create a barrier to the tan)

.Wear dark loose clothing for after the treatment

.Bring Flip flops to wear home if possible

.What to get sprayed in? –  we offer disposable undies or bring old underwear/ bikini is perfect – guys  can wear shorts or boxers

.How long does it take? – 10 Minutes total




Bed 3

 30p per Minute

Lay down Ergoline Sunbed with built-in music & air conditioning or try our Power Tower stand-up Tanning beds.